Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama's Inauguration 2009: Brain Candy & Eye Candy

Hope & Glory:
Michelle Obama's Fashion

Loved the white gown by designer Jason Wu worn by First Lady Michelle Obama to get this, 10 parties! No wonder the new President asked the crowd, "How good looking is my wife?"
Very. And the white chiffon gown completed flattered her tall, athletic figure. Apparently, the designer Wu wasn't advised in advance that Obama was confirmed to wear the dress. That is one fortunate young designer.

Wu has a Vancouver connection. Born in Taipei, Wu spent his childhood in Vancouver, before leaving the city to train as a designer in Tokyo and Paris. His signature style appears to be his classic approach to working with flowing chiffon, and producing strong, feminine but not traditional lines. His style is very accessible and classic.

Check out his site at or his collections at style. com.

Hope and Glory: Politics

Hope, perhaps the only buzzword in the popular lexicon to ever earn its hype, is a truly good thing; a seed that can be sown and nurtured to produce something incredibly strong and full of life. The Audacity of Hope, at least in the hands of America's new leader President Barack Obama, isn't just the title of his acclaimed book or a winning campaign slogan.

Cynics can say, and many have, that President Obama hasn't actually done anything yet and that the honeymoon will be brief. There's just not enough time or space to deal with that except to say that he began to change history the moment he decided to wage a battle against President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton for the right to run as the Democratic Party's presidential candidate.

History will judge his administration, and his full place in it. Regardless of how much he does or doesn't achieve over the next four years, he has already won a noble place in American history by choosing to run a smart, direct and inspiring campaign, one that didn't degrade his opponents, himself or his party or America's voters. Hope rules.