Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unravelling the Spin

Unravelling the Spin...You need to see this if you're at all interested in Canadian TV and have been scratching your head trying to decipher all that's coming out of this week's CRTC hearings.

There's no death star aimed at Local TV and no TV TAX in the works. All that noise you're hearing is just a major spin war between two entities that would be best known as GREEDY AND GREEDIER, waging a PR battle to win consumer hearts, minds, and mostly the contents of your wallets...
from the Writers Guild of Canada

Monday, November 16, 2009

Catching Up with CBC's Ian Hanomansing

Journalists interviewing other journalists is usually a risky proposition – one fraught with ego - unless one of those involved happens to Ian Hanomansing. Check out my TV WEEK cover story on Canada’s nicest newsman, on newsstands this week.

Family Guy

He’s one of the most trusted names in the news business. A fixture with the CBC since 1986, Vancouver’s Ian Hanomansing is a familiar sight to viewers of the network’s suppertime newscast. But away from the anchor desk, he’s also a dedicated husband and father. Inside, we chat with the hardworking TV newsman about life away from the cameras, and the changing face of today’s news environment.
By Alison Cunningham