Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Season Premieres

Tonight’s a big night for fans of two great Canadian comedies; Little Mosque on the Prairie (8 pm, CBC) and Sophie (8:30, CBC). Both begin new seasons tonight, with Little Mosque beginning its third, and Sophie, starring Natalie Brown, kicking off its second season.

I had the chance to spend some time on Little Mosque’s set in early June and found all the cast and crew (led by the effervescent and aptly named Mary Darling) welcoming, interesting and engaging. No wonder the show is so consistently smart and funny. You will find my full feature on the visit in an upcoming edition of TV Times. And without giving too much away, you won’t have to wait long to find out Rayyan’s (Sitara Hewitt) answer to her man problems...

Sophie also ended with a bit of a cliff-hanger, as she finally met with the father of her baby, while her ex-boyfriend, (yes, modern life is complicated), turned up at the worst time ever...Cheer up they told her, things could get worse. So she cheered up, and sure enough they did...

Meanwhile, over on CTV tonight is the tonight for So You Think You Can Dance Canada’s Finals episode...That’s right, about 200 of Canada’s best dancers will pop n lock and pirouette tonight to win one of SYTYCDC’s top spots. And the good news is that if you miss it, Much Music is airing repeat broadcasts of the series on Sundays. Performance episodes begin next Wednesday (Oct.8), followed by results show on Thursday pm (Oct.9).

Also worth noting, tomorrow night 6 PM (Pacific Standard Time) CBC News presents Canada Votes, the federal Leaders debates, live from Ottawa. All five party leaders Stephen Harper (Con), Stephane Dion (Lib), Jack Layton (NDP), Gilles Duceppe (BQ) and Elizabeth May (Green). Expect the gloves to come off in this English language free-for-all. It has never been more important for Stephane Dion to 'hit one out of the park,' as the sports dudes say, if he's going to provide a real challenge to the incumbent prime minister. Without getting too partisan I hope he does, and wish the best of

luck to all the leaders, well except for one...if I`m being honest.

Back to marathon viewing of Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer... TV really can teach so much to those
of us who want - and need - to learn

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