Monday, March 15, 2010

A Bridge Too Far

Been wondering for some time now what, if anything, to write about the new Canadian crime drama The Bridge, inspired by the life of former Toronto-cop-turned-union boss Craig Bromell. Not sure who I mean? Bromell was (in 1999) the subject of the CBC fifth estate report entitled Bully, produced by Victor Malarek.

Hey, here's a story idea for the first season...The Bridge could include an episode where a homeless man alleges that he was beaten by cops, including the union boss...Nah, who'd believe that?

It's bugged me from the outset that this project takes a lot of "creative license" with its fact-based storyline. I will say no more, but simply refer you to this piquant and excellent posting by Jim Henshaw, over at

He says it all, and with authority. It's a must read if you care much about honesty and integrity in Canadian TV.

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